Physical and Emotional Relief with LED Light Therapy

Learn how to care for clients suffering from chronic pain, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), or numerous other ailments and conditions. LED light treatments provide extensive benefits in the areas of physical, emotional and mental health.

From the very first day that we opened our Langley clinic in 2012, Quantum Light Therapy’s Education department has seen a growing number students come from all over Canada and the United States. Our students have learned how to addressing most every physical and emotional condition imaginable. Our comprehensive Program teaches students the basic foundations of Photo-Bio-Modulation through to the most complex protocols allowing them to serve clients in their own work places or clinic. Improving lives through the services you offer.

The various areas of education Quantum Light Academy offers are quite in-depth.  For a more extensive view of our training Programs please visit our Education Offered and Aesthetic Restoration pages.

Quantum Light Academy’s Educational Program can change your life and future. By training with us you will have the knowledge and confidence to dramatically improve your client’s well-being and quality of life with our painless, relaxing and effective process.

Let Quantum Light Academy give you the training and experience you need to change and restore people’s lives with Photo-Bio-Modulation.

Quantum Light Academy

Our graduates are Leaders and outstanding Professionals whose goals are to make Light Therapy the safe, non-invasive Medicine of the Future.