“The Companion” is the 1st book written on LED light therapy. It is easy to read and written for the average person.

Professional Edition

Consists of a beautiful coil-bound, soft-covered book. Perfect for the workplace.

It has four sections:

  1. The first is dedicated to the history and science behind the therapy.
  2. The second is dedicated to specialty charts and diagrams featuring the body systems and spotlights certain ailments and conditions.
  3. The third is dedicated to a customized dictionary of over 1,000 ailments and conditions which have been broken-down into three categories, which we used in our clinic with great success:
    • Concise and streamlined Definitions,
    • Causes associated with that specific condition, and
    • Support Options that includes frequencies/protocols and pad placement.
  4. The fourth is dedicated to the references used to substantiate the information in this book.


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Additional information
Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 28 × 10 cm
Soft Cover

Coil bound for maximum flexibility.


Sections are clearly marked to make browsing for the right page easy and quick.


This book has the answers you are looking for for any ailment or condition.


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