Earn Money as a Professional LED Light Therapist

Imagine the rewarding feeling you’ll experience as you administer therapeutic relief to your clients while also earning a comfortable income.

As a relatively new technology, the demand for LED Light Therapy is growing fast. Keeping up with the request for services that LED light therapy offers has led us to establish the LED Quantum Light Academy.

Join our state-of-the-art, comprehensive Programs that offers an education in both therapeutic and aesthetic applications. With our training, you will attain a  Professional LED Light Therapist diploma and certification. Receive hands-on experience while being trained in an actual LED light clinic. Our Programs have been designed to accommodate to our student’s time demands.

Our Professional LED Light Therapist Diploma Program

is designed to educate individuals on the history, theory and practical aspects to become a Professional LED Light Therapist. As well, it addresses the day-to-day aspects of operating an LED clinic or adding this therapy to an already-existing business.

Other LED Training Programs

Instructors Program

Due to the overwhelming demands for professional LED Light Training courses, LED Quantum Light Therapy Inc. is looking for Instructors across Canada and the US to teach our entire curriculum. Pre-requisite: Must have successfully completed our Professional LED Light Therapist Diploma Program.

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Marketing program

Join the LED ‘Marketing Program’ and learn how to sell our ‘In the Light Wellness System’. This course covers ‘Team Building’, earning a ‘Respected Professional’ reputation, ‘Understanding your Product’, ‘Understanding your Target Markets’ and ‘Real World Experience’.

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LED Small Animal Diploma Program

The first ever small animal program to be made available, this course offers an in-depth, comprehensive career and educational training. Successful completion of this program prepares students to enter the field of Small Animal Care as employees, contractors and business owners.

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Re-Certification CEUs

Re-certification for your Continued Education Units not only allows you to keep your certification and insurance up-to-date, but it also provides you with the opportunity to attend classes that represent the most current, pertinent and practical information that LED Light Therapy has to offer.

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Come to the Light

LED Quantum Light Therapy can dramatically improve your personal well-being and quality of life with our painless, relaxing and effective process. Give LED Quantum Light Therapy a call, schedule an appointment and experience the restorative power of LED light today.